Seamless App Deployment with Scalability and Reliability
Lightweight, Scalable, and Effortless App Deployment & Management
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Introducing, the next-gen app engine that simplifies app deployment and management, providing a flexible and user-friendly platform to harness the full potential of advanced technology without the technical complexities. With, you can set up your applications like a tipi – lightweight and flexible – making it the perfect home for your app.
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Key features

  • Simple Deployment: Bring your source code. We will build and run it. You can deploy your apps with just a few clicks or commands, and let handle the underlying configurations.
  • Scaling: You can scale your application whenever needed to ensure optimal performance.
  • Versatile Management: Manage your applications via API, UI and CLI.
  • Batteries included: Gain insights into your app's performance with built-in monitoring and logging tools, simplifying troubleshooting and optimization.
  • Swiss Data Center Hosting: Benefit from the security, reliability, and privacy of our Swiss data center, ensuring your app's data is safe and compliant.
  • Additional Services: Access a suite of complementary services, including managed databases and caching solutions like KeyDB, to supercharge your app's performance.
  • Developer-Friendly: simplifies app deployment and infrastructure management, allowing developers to focus on building amazing apps without worrying about the underlying complexities.

Why simplifies the deployment and management of applications. It offers a lightweight and scalable environment for your app to run smoothly. With, deploying and managing your applications is hassle-free. It's the perfect platform for developers and businesses in Switzerland.

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